Amoruso Giuseppe Spa

Amoruso Giuseppe SpA

Amoruso Giuseppe SpA provides the entire logistics cycle of goods, from the bottom of the hold of the ship to home.

Qualified staff, cutting-edge facilities and regularity of collections and deliveries: customized solutions just-in-time, reduced costs of inventory management.

Terminal Frutta Salerno srl

Terminal Frutta Salerno Srl

Since 1982 Terminal Fruit Salerno srl operates as a port terminal dedicated to the cold chain in the port of Salerno.
Only reference port specialized in handling perishables, mainly bananas, for the markets of the center-south of Italy.

Salerno Cruises srl


Infrastructural Upgrade, reception level to cruise ships ever higher: these are the goals that the Salerno Cruises srl aims.

Founded in 2009, today it operates with leading European and American owners, in the invaluable appeal of the port of Salerno.

Vitale Luigi srl

Vitale Luigi & C Srl

For companies working ferrous materials, a proper disposal of scrap is absolutely essential.
Vitale Luigi Srl has quickly adapted to the internationalization of the market in the logistics treatment and in transportation of scrap and ferrous.

Il porto di Salerno

Port of Salerno

With its location in the center of the Mediterranean, the port of Salerno, located in the gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a driving force of the regional, national and international economy.

I nostri valori

Our Values

Flexibility, experience, technology and dedication to customer: these are the values ​​with which theAmoruso family customizes andsatisfies customer demands.

La struttura

Operating Structures

Container Terminal, covered warehouse, Hydra: all technological progress at your service.

I partners


Our know-how, the experience and services we offer, make us the logistics partner of reference for the activities of Fiat Auto import / export in the basin of the South of Italy.


Why choose us?

The Amoruso Group, a leader company in the materials handling in the Port of Salerno, is distinguished by its ability to anticipate economic developments and to react strategically to its fluctuations in times of crisis. Through the acquisition of new technologies to improve its services and thanks to a targeted business management that aims not only to support and consolidate the existing traffic but create new ones, the Amoruso Group is able to create new business opportunities. Read more


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