Activities & Insights


Prospects for development of the port of Salerno in tourism

The city of Salerno has always been a privileged port for tourism because of its strategic position in the Mediterranean, even though it does not correspond to its characteristics, in the past, the usual profile of  tourist city. During the years it is in fact distinguished for the great dynamism, through timely initiatives of urban […]



The cold chain: security and integrity in the handling of fresh fruit

The fact that a particular type of fruit (also exotic) or vegetables is available off-season does not raise now more wonder. The expectations of contemporary consumers are oriented so that any kind of fruit should be not only fresh and available all year round, but also affordable at reasonable prices and in perfect conditions that […]



Handling and packaging of the pellets and bulk

Wood pellets are a biomass which combines energy saving needs with low emissions: is used both in domestic and in the industrial sector. Europe is very wide use in industry. In Italy the market is mainly domestic. Italian production in 2012 was ca. 550 thousand tons, an increase of 5.8% compared to 2011. Only 0.5% […]



Terminal Container

The increase in container traffic of the Mediterranean is a great opportunity for the Port of Salerno that can thus increase its market share in this sector. With the Terminal Container of the Amoruso Giuseppe Spa the port of Salerno is a candidate to be a privileged access to the emerging markets of the materials […]



Mini-guide on Pellets: ecological and economic Fuel

Pellets: from “livestock-feed”to the field of new fuels Since the 70’s technological research in North America has transferred the use of the pellet”(small cylinders of different materials, usually cereals, obtained by compression of the material) from the scope of animal livestockfeed to that of the sector of new fuels for heating, by applying the process […]



The storage cycle in the port: standards and regulations

The logistics of the port sector are placed as “intermediate stage” between sea transport of goods and those by land. This characteristic, which is the main peculiarity of the sector than others, shows the presence of a “sea-side demand“ and a “side ground-demand“of the port services. Services of storage of the goods are connected to […]