Amoruso Giuseppe • Servizi di Logistica integrata


Amoruso Giuseppe • Servizi di Logistica integrata


Amoruso Giuseppe • Servizi di Logistica integrata


Amoruso Giuseppe • Servizi di Logistica integrata

Amoruso Giuseppe Spa • Company Profile

A leading provider of integrated storage and handling services, from the bottom of the ship and cargo delivery to the customer’s home, Amoruso Giuseppe SpA operates in the sector since almost a century and 35 years in the Port of Salerno: the versatility of the services offered, together a fleet of machinery characterized by high automation and by the advanced level of technology, are the two main drivers of the company business.

  • Amoruso Giuseppe Spa

    At the fourth business generation, Amoruso Giuseppe Spa is now run by the same family group that founded  it and made it evolve from simple shipment activity to a leader of the Amoruso Group.

Become the single point of reference for all customers in one of the largest international port in the Mediterranean, such as that of the town of Salerno, has been the target that the company has pursued over time and which has firmly acquired.

Providing as integrated logistics operator assures customers increased results in the optimization of the costs of the services through the full integration between the various segments of the supply chain management.

The firm family values ​​dictated by the Amoruso Giuseppe Spa directions, then, are the basis of decades of entrepreneurial success. The acquired experience, day by day, has settled into a wealth of expertise that customers recognize and expect.

Specifically, Amoruso Giuseppe Spa has focused its efforts to the growth in handling and storage of steel, aluminum coils, tinplate, wire rod and any other type of material giving an enormous impetus to the development of industrial activities in the South of Italy.

With over 60,000 square meters of port concessions and over 12,000 square meters of covered warehouses, the effectiveness of work processes is ensured by a great fleet represented by three mobile cranes with capacity from 40 to 100 tons, with a fork-lift capacity from 10 to 35 tons, reach-stackers and contstacker and the Hydra: a machine designed by the Amoruso progect, made to improve the technique and the timing of entry and of the handling of steel coils inside the warehouse.

Flexibility, dynamism and continuous tendency to the development of techniques and technologies ensure that the processes of the executive usual Amoruso Giuseppe Spa have become, over time, a strong point even of our customers: more streamlined and reliability ensure reduction of handling time and delivery, reducing storage costs, increasing and constant competitiveness in their business segment.

The speed of communication, the globalization of the market and its rapid evolution, finally, require an immediate response: it is in this that you need to be ready with an innovative offer, a more structured offer with a quality above that offered by its closest rivals .Amoruso Giuseppe Spa, strictly according to this vision, cyclically reconfigures its enforcement procedures, engineering more and more in every partthe business cycle, by acquiring new and better resources through constant training, studying and adopting all the dynamics that will satisfy the growing needs of customers.


Amoruso Giuseppe Spa, is also a leader in the handling of exceptional pieces and general cargo. Here are some examples of the potential of the company in handling all sorts of special load:

  1. handling of wind power plants (with blades of length beyond 35 m.);
  2. thermal and plumbingplants used in power plants;
  3. transformers;
  4. parts of aircraft / helicopters, as well as of coils (metal or wood-made with a high diameter);
  5. hauling of yachts.

Edison, Goodyear, Marangoni, Getra, Agusta, Alenia are just a few examples of companies, leaders in their respective markets, which have entrusted and still rely on us their logistical needs for our operational capabilities and our experience.


The Amoruso Group is always open to new markets. Thanks to its huge investments and the purchase of large covered areas outside the port, it is now your ideal partner in South Italy for landing and packaging of “bulk” such as pellets, fertilizers, salt, etc.

All the packaging process takes place in a suitably equipped area where the material is transferred directly during the stages of landing. It is here that the Amoruso company has heavilyinvested in recent years with the acquisition of machinery for packaging and palletizing of the latest generation.

Our experience enables customers to use the “added value” of a general purpose technology, reliable and with a high quality.


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