Operating Structures

Operating Structures

Terminal Container

The Terminal Container operates on an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters of housing Customs: 20,000 square meters for full containers and 10,000 square meters for the management of empty containers. Tarros, Grimaldi and Arkas are among the principal shipping companies who entrust the handling of their containers at Terminal of the Amoruso Giuseppe SpA . The use of two cranes allows the use of all the available docks, approximately 900 ml, ensuring the ships, thanks also to shifts work 24 hours a 24, a fast and efficient processing with yields of 25-30 containers hour / per team.

The handling of full and empty containers are handled every day by a modern and simple computerized system that allows you to know at any moment their position.


The covered warehouse

The Amoruso Giuseppe S.p.A.  has the unique covered areas within the port of Salerno, a total area of ​​7,000 square meters in which it is capable of storing, inter alia, metallurgical material cold, tinplate, aluminum wire rod; the methods and means used allow to respond to the policies of just-in-time.

The warehouse Amoruso was chosen by leading suppliers of steel FIAT AUTO S.p.A as a warehouse officer for Pomigliano d’Arco, Cassino and Melfi.


Hydra is born because of the need and by the determination of Amoruso Giuseppe S.p.A to be able to have a machine capable of responding to the growing needs of the group and its customers, to optimize the management of the coils in the warehouse for the storage of goods covered. A series of innovative technical solutions and of a series of logic control programs allow the Hydra to significantly reduce the time of storage and recharging, as well as to prevent accidental breakage of the goods.

All the advantages of ‘Hydra:

  • lower entry time in stock
  • less time selection goods
  • reduced charging times
  • safer handling
  • no accidental damage to the goods
  • greater protection for end users

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