The partners

The partners

Our logistics operation in support of the Fiat group began in 1983 when, with the construction of the first dry warehouse of the port of Salerno, begins the activities of landing of iron sheet wrapped in coils used to produce the body of the car.

The geographical position of the port makes the port of Salerno a logistical center of gravity of FIAT AUTO for its business of import and export by the factories in Southern Italy. Customers of reference, which consistently sell the raw material to FIAT (250,000 tons / year on average) and for which work directly are:




In 2014, every day we made deliveries to the factories FIAT industries for about 80 trucks per day.

In the area of ​​refrigerated goods we operate for over thirty years with CHIQUITA FRUIT and FRUIT PACIFIC (BONITA), for which we take care of all the logistics and quality cycle assurance of bananas and pineapples.

As part of the activity on the containers of our main customers are the ARKAS and TARROS, owners of top-end part of the freight in the Mediterranean and with ambitious growth plans in the near future.

In addition, since 2009, we see cruise ships and we work for major European and American owners, CARNIVAL and ROYAL CARRIBEAN that are partners in SALERNO CRUISES.

Finally in the area of ​​non-ferrous materials we work closely with the two main European traders of aluminum: STEINWEG and Glencore.

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