Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Amoruso Group is a leader company in the materials handling in the Port of Salerno, is distinguished by its ability to anticipate economic developments and to react strategically to its fluctuations in times of crisis. Through the acquisition of new technologies to improve its services and thanks to a targeted business management that aims not only to support and consolidate the existing traffic but create new ones, Amoruso Group is able to create new business opportunities.

Over the years it has acquired a “customer share” of the steel industry by significantly increasing the volume of business of steel products landing in the Port.

Also in the domain of containers, we are witnessing to an increase in traffic: the containerhas settled as a means of transport capable of offering conomic and effective”door-to-door”solutions and it is replacing the long transport by road and / or on the train. The company has always paid attention to the “new markets”and started, since 2012, a task of packaging and distribution of wood pellets.

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