Terminal Frutta • Stoccaggio e movimentazione freschi e deperibili


Terminal Frutta • Stoccaggio e movimentazione freschi e deperibili


Terminal Frutta • Stoccaggio e movimentazione freschi e deperibili


Terminal Frutta • Stoccaggio e movimentazione freschi e deperibili

Terminal Frutta Salerno • Company profile

At the fore front in the process of privatization of the port terminal, Terminal Frutta Salerno Srl, born as So.Sba.M. (Società Sbarchi Meccanizzati) in the early 80s, is now a prominent company recognized and appreciated for the wide range of services in logistics management of fresh goods, thanks to its professionalism, high technology plant and punctuality in the organization of movements and deliveries.

Since over thirty years Terminal Frutta Salerno is able to assure all customers of fresh goods, the entire operating cyclefrom the landing on delivery, through its refrigerated warehouses. 

  • Terminal Frutta Srl

    Historically recognized as actors in the foreground in the handling market of exotic fruits, especially bananas and pineapples destined for markets in South-Italy.

Initially equipped only for storage of perishable goods, it has provided for the transformation of the terminal through the acquisition of new equipment and management techniques that now allow the Fruit Terminal to establish itself as a multi-purpose terminal. This transformation has taken place since 2009, when the management of the terminal has become a 100% a family Amoruso property.

Depth analysis of the marketshowthat the path taken is winning and increasing satisfaction and customer loyalty is confirmed.

The Terminal Frutta is the only port terminal in southern Italy that can handle perishable goods in temperature controlled warehouses; It has more than 100 electrical outlets for connection of refrigerated containers for which manages all phases of loading / unloading, emptying / filling, pre-trip setting (PTI) and temperature control. The operations team can count, in addition to the equipment of the Amoruso Group, on a crane of 60 tonne capacity, forklifts up to 20 tons of capacity, contstakers flow of 45 tons; It operates on a port terminal of 16,000 square meters, where a refrigerated warehouse that can store 2,500 plts of fresh merchandise has been installed. It also has additional 3500 square meters of covered warehouses in which handles traffic of cellulose and fluff, as well as of a metallurgical material (tinplate, aluminum, coils).

The vision of the Terminal Frutta Salerno takes into account the operational needs of the customers and of the safety of the consumer. The respect, therefore, for the needs of operators in the supply chain of fresh refrigerated product, and the attention to the responsibility for those whom those goods must be enjoyed in a peaceful atmosphere, constantly recallthe commitment to the improvement and awareness of the extreme importance of operating procedures.


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